Message from CEO

mageKhru is run by its founder Arunee Charaschanya based in Bangkok, Thailand.She is the Thailand chapter president of IMPA (Image Management Professionals Association). IMPA aims to educate, facilitate and integrate the image management industry around the world. She aspires to give back to the world by equipping people with tools to master their mind, create more leaders and enhance their image with a powerful personal brand. Enroll in our training programs and start your journey towards personal development today.

My Mission

My life’s mission is to provide guaranteed, measurable and sustainable results in personal development. I’m here to train, coach all individuals to unleash their superbrains, increase their creativity skills, learn to speed-read and improve their memory. My passion is to blend mind capability, soft skills, leadership growth to create a unique personal brand for all the individuals.
I want to empower everyone with the techniques that I have learned as I believe that every human is a genius. We all are capable of many amazing things provided we learn and explore our full potential.

Internationally Certified Executive Coach
By Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall’s mission is simple; to help successful people achieve positive, lasting change and behavior; for themselves, their people, and their teams.

Thailand’s First ICBI Image Consultant and Soft Skills Expert
Internationally Certified Image Consultant

Internationally Certified
Soft Skills Trainer

Accredited by SQA and NABET

Internationally Certified Mind Coach
By Sunil Roy

Sunil believes every human is Genius. Sunil vision is to “Empower every human to explore their potential and live successful life”.


-imageKhru is mentored by its founder Arunee Charaschanya based in Bangkok. She is a multifaceted professional.

-BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration) and FM (Fashion Marketing) from AIU (American Intercontinental University) Atlanta, Georgia USA

-Child psychology Diploma from Stonebridge, UK

-First Internationally Certified Image Consultant from ICBI (Image Consulting Business Institute) India

-First SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) and NABET (National Accredited Board Of Education and Training) certified Soft Skills Trainer in Thailand

-First Internationally Certified Mind Coach specializing in Speed Reading, Memory Techniques, Creative Thinking and Mind Mapping. Certified by Sunil Roy (an arbiter in national memory championship) India

-Internationally Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder and TEAM centered Executive Coach, USA

-Completed “Creating an Impact” course from Impact Factory, London

-Experienced special needs teacher in international schools Bangkok

Experienced Corporate Trainer

Marketing Director

Seema Kalra is the marketing director of imageKhru. She has more than 10 years of experience in fashion marketing and image consultancy business. Her work experience will help clients grow their business/profession and guide them to achieve their goals. Now she is developing, implementing and executing the strategic marketing plans for imageKhru brand.



mageKhru workshops and consultations from our certified image consultant are very modern, innovative and interactive. In distinction to other style consultants and soft skills trainers we believe in enhancing and evolving the client’s already unique style personality in the belief that true and lasting style in an outward expression of an inner state. Our approach is all about building confidence through your signature personal style and creating credibility through first impressions. We assist business organizations, educational institutions and individuals maximize their potential capability.

Create a “Brand You” concept

Be a successful Entrepreneur

Build strong credibility

Have a strong team relationship

Create your unique personal style

Increase Personal Impact

Increase your Income

Small changes = BIG success

We build on your strengths

Project Winning First Impressions

Experiential Approach

We make every first impression count