Dare to Dream

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Dreams. That is something children are told they should follow. But also, something many adults believe is antithetical to duties and responsibilities. What if it didn’t have to be though? What if it has the capability to spice up our monotone lives with a bit of color?Somewhere along the lines from childhood to adulthood, the […]

My Journey..

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My journey: From ‘Teacher’ to ‘Make – up’ and then finally ‘Image Consulting’ I’d like to think there are three kinds of people in this world. The first kind have a straightforward path- they graduate university, get a job related to what they’ve studied, and progress in their chosen career. The second kind jumps from […]

Empowering Women

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Empowering Women: What I’d tell my daughter if I had one? I came across this article on female empowerment by an anonymous author that really resonated with me. As I believe this is a message every woman should hear, I thought I’d share it on my blog so that it reaches a wider audience. If […]

Wear the Secret to Your Success

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It only takes four seconds for someone to form a first impression. In a professional setting, these precious moments can mean the difference between success and regret. Whether you’re preparing for a job interview or an exclusive networking event, an overall ‘style strategy’ will help you to create a positive impact. A great place to […]