Image management is a conscious ongoing process of evaluating and enhancing our image and how others perceive us and therefore respond to us. It is about creating first impressions and more importantly an impactful executive presence. Image enhancement includes an understanding of ourselves, our tastes, our likes & dislikes, our personality, our roles and goals. The qualities that we possess are only showcased to people by using Appearance, Behavior, Communication and Digital Presence, the ABCD of image.

Corporate Training in Bangkok

corporate training

Take charge of the greater development of you, your business, and your life by harnessing your own independent think tank. As per our Corporate Training in Bangkok, workshops are designed to improve the operational performance of your team. Launch your organizational and individual image with confidence and flair. Information and techniques taught in these Corporate Training workshops will enhance your success and build professional image. The high-caliber, interactive coaching for soft skills will lend a helping hand to polish your personal brand for professional and corporate success.

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personal consulting

Every consulting package involves a thorough analysis of you and interactive exercises that enables you to ‘learn while doing’. With individualized attention, we will deliver an external perspective to guide you through self-awareness and opportunities for immediate application and practice that allows you to command attention. Re-invent a new and better you, project your best authentic self that will help you exude even more confidence. We offer a complete program of body shape evaluation and style analysis, color analysis and wardrobe management.

“Strengthen your sense of self-worth to project the winning image that inspires those around you.” - imageKhru

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institutional solutions

Success is about getting an opportunity to do something and performing when you get that opportunity. Performing when the opportunity presents itself depends upon your qualification, skill and experience but getting the chance depends on how well you create an impactful first impression. So, how can you ensure people judge you accurately and see your best side? ImageKhru offers solutions to enable graduates to project an appropriate, attractive, authentic, affordable and accurate image.

“Remove the self-doubt that hinders progress.” – imageKhru

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fashion & retail solutions

Acquire a winning competitive edge through ImageKhru training programs. Create a memorable shopping experience for your clients by combining physical, emotional and logical elements into one exceptional customer and employee experience. Achieve more sales, less refunds and exchanges and higher customer satisfaction through our techniques. We offer training solutions for the staff in luxury fashion and accessories stores in terms of guiding customers on what to buy based on their roles, goals, occasions and personal characteristics of body shape, face shape and personal colors.

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