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I was Super impressed with Arunee and her makeup skills. She did a fantastic job for me everytime and I wish her all the very best and I'm sure she'll be at the top of her game very soon! Look forward to getting my pretty on again with her soon!


Having witnessed Arunee's determination and commitment, I strongly believe that imageKhru will become the face of Image Consulting in Thailand in the near future. She is highly qualified and certified as a soft skills expert too. My best wishes to imageKhru.

Film Director

Thank you for such a fabulous day at workshop. Your presentation was fantastic -- fun, interactive, and extremely informative. All of this experience to improve my image, and create a wardrobe for me to look competent. Thank you for helping me with this process of rediscovering myself. I so appreciate that when you are giving feedback, especially when it's not what people want to hear, you are not doing it from you being right and the other wrong but from a genuine desire to have that person access the possibility for their inner self to shine. Thank you IK , Thank you Arunee. Wish u great success in your life!

Thank you Arunee for your great guidance in my career with your soft skill training. It will help me a lot in my everyday life. It’s opened the door to a world of endless opportunities. It has really changed my life. I feel so utterly confident about myself and I am grateful for your help in preparing me for a professional improvement in my career. I highly recommend Arunee and Wish her lots of success in Life!

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